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Partner Yoga

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Movement Connection

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Tantra Meditation

Decrease the time it takes to connect deeply and increase the harmony, fun and exchange of love with yourself and all people in your life whether you are single or in a relationship.

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The retreat will include:
  • Relationship exercises to understand yourself and others more deeply.
  • Partner yoga to find connection through body contact and support, and to keep our bodies healthy.
  • Tantric meditation breathing techniques to establish depth of presence with yourself and others.
  • Movement exercises to facilitate harmonious communication.
  • Training to understand how to increase the flow of love in your life and techniques to do so.
  • A Blues/Zouk social dance party at the end of the day to practice everything you learned.

The goal is to help you become more magnetic to experiencing more love in your life. 

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Event Schedule:

Full Day Retreat: March 19

8:30am: Registration

9am-9pm: Retreat

9pm-midnight: Fusion Dance Party!


Your Investment

Ticket to next full day retreat, monthly workshop series until the date of the retreat, and online course: $997

For monthly workshop series schedule or to register separately, please click here.

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About Your Facilitator Avital Miller

Avital Miller is known for inspiring people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness, and true success. 

With growing up as a gymnast and dancer, performing globally and teaching yoga for over fifteen years, Avital has an eye for helping all body types activate alignment that efficiently strengthens and stretches them. After living in a yoga community based from the principles of the yoga guru Paramhansa Yogananda for almost seven years and having held corporate leadership positions such as program manager at Microsoft, she also has a natural ability to combine spiritual principles to daily life in a universal way within a yoga and movement practice.

Avital is E-RYT 500 certified through Ananda Yoga and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider enabling her to help with yoga teacher trainings and offer continuing education credit. She has also studied one-on-one with yoga teacher trainers at Yoga Raksanam in India, as well as with other well-known instructors like Desiree Rumbaugh and Shiva Rea. At Samadhi Yoga you may see Avital teaching Vinyasa, Align and Flow, Meditation, Breathe, Restorative, and Yin yoga classes as well as special workshops.

When Avital transitioned into being a social dancer, she loved learning the art of immediately dropping into a deep connection with her dance partners. Her repertoire of experience in performing, studying or teaching dance includes ballet, lyrical, Indian, salsa, bachata, fusion, zouk, Jazz, modern, dance/movement therapy and contact improv. This has helped her hone her sensory and intuitive abilities to more fluidly follow the lead of her dance partners.

As an award-winning author, you may have come across her best-selling books Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds and Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog. For over fifteen years Avital has been serving thousands of people worldwide as an award-winning international keynote speaker, healing breakthrough facilitator, and global dancer.

Her leadership background also includes working as a lead coach for Success Resources America, sales and marketing director for Crystal Clarity Publishers, yoga and fitness teacher trainer, and fitness director. Her articles have been published in Toastmasters International Magazine, Fitness Professional Online, 30 Seconds, and Sacred Dance Guild Journal. Recently she won the Exceptional Woman of Excellence award from Women Economic Forum. Avital is an ordained minister and has been trained as an energy healer in Pranic Healing and Ananda Level 2 Healing. She has performed and taught dance internationally since 1993. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering and a major in dance, she is known for offering beyond-cutting-edge wisdom with authenticity, delightful energy, and infectious joy.

Connect with Avital:
[email protected]
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About Your Guest Online Speakers

Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon

Dedicate an hour to practice skills and attitudes for love relationships that are deeply meaningful and satisfying to each of you. Learn to bring acceptance, resilience, compassion, commitment and mastery to your partnership. This session can be solo or with your partner or friend.

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Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon pull back the curtain to see what it takes to create and sustain a loving, sacred relationship. Married since 1970, these college sweethearts have endured the ups and downs, the triumphs and challenges of staying together, with a devotion to each other and to their soul purposes on Earth. They have parented three children, who are all married now, and enjoy their three granddaughters.

Jim and Ruth have worked as partners in counseling, coaching, consulting, speaking, writing and leading retreats. Visit them at and Sign up for their free newsletter to get tips, tools, blogs, podcasts and updates on books, events and retreats. Find their book “Secrets of a Soulful Marriage” on Amazon

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Julie Kremer Poole and Rance Poole

Julie brings sense to braiding relationship and spirituality together. As a yogi, Julie was specifically trained how to weave the material life and the spiritual life together instead of abandoning one for the other.

After 10 years of spiritual solitude discovering, nurturing & healing a lineage of abuse, Julie fell in love with her partner in 2008. Married for a decade, mother of their 1year old & step mother of 2, and completely in love with her LOML (love of my life) more & more each day, Julie is bringing some of the most important keys to the foundation of a passionate, loving and spiritually anchored relationship that will last a lifetime.

Her hubby Rance Poole will appear as a special guest at points during the course to give his own 2 cents. Be entertained and enlightened by his comedically simple yet profound viewpoint of both success in marriage to his LOML (love of my life) as well as lessons learned from 10 years married to the mother of his first 2 children.

What Others Are Saying About Avital’s Programs:

“Avital is an ideal and much-needed healer for today’s world.”

—Forbes Riley, Creator/CEO SpinGym, motivational speaker, author, and visionary behind the Forbes Factor


“Avital was amazing! I loved her energy. She has a unique gift in being able to gain attention in a very positive manner. I felt like she truly provided value.”

—Celso Olivas, Portland, OR

“Avital gives clear and concise instructions which make the Energization Exercises easy to follow. I felt energized right away. My mind is relaxed and ready for the challenge of the day. I will use the exercises regularly.”

—Jingwu Zhang, San Jose, CA

“I was able to clear negative thoughts and re-open my heart. I feel alive and ready to achieve a better life spiritually and psychologically.”



“I was given incredible insight into going deeper into self-realization. I was able to gather tools to help me achieve a better understanding of my life path. Avital is an incredibly bright and wise teacher. I loved her guided meditation and nutritional guidance.”

—C.E., Graegle, CA


“This program was exactly what I needed. I feel more whole and capable of living genuinely in all parts of my life. Visuals were great.”



“This really helped me to look within, value myself, and help me focus on me and from there be able to take care of others. Avital was amazing.”

—R.M., Vacaville, CA


“I was introduced to some ways of living and thinking that will enhance my life.”



“This program was very helpful. It's easy to know what I should do, but Avital has shown me some tools to start being the me I know I can be.”



Register separately if just attending the dance party on March 19.

$15 at the door

$10 in advance - add "Love Dance" to comments
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