Energy Dance - Surrendering to God

This past weekend’s Energy Dance with Sonika Tinker and Christian Pedersen started with the video above. Right away it reminded me of the days I used to dance with a partner. I was never that trained, nor that courageous, nor quite that risque, but I am sure some of our experiences are the same.

You may ask, how can they do that? Well, you can’t think about it. Of course you have to focus on what you are doing but there is no space to question trust and if it is possible.

I remember I used to run and jump on my partner while we were creating pieces without either of us knowing what would happen. I never used to think about it. I would just do it and let happen what happens. In reality, I knew he was not 100% trustworthy because he was still human and had injuries. Yet I trusted the divine that somehow it would all work out. We only ever fell once and did not get injured.

In that process of trust and openness, I was always amazed at what physical feats I would overcome and what we created. Coincidentally, after I got home from this past weekend I opened Elisabeth Haich’s book Sexual Energy and Yoga to the section where she talks about what it feels like to channel all of your sexual energy into creative energy:


“When a circus acrobat performs superhuman feats during his act, he experiences high spiritual rapture and joy. It is a well-known fact that some acrobats who risk their lives and those of their assistants during their act live ascetically like monks. The pleasure and thrill experienced in their performances is infinitely greater than in a brief sexual encounter.”


That must explain why some of my performances were the most thrilling thing I have ever done I my life!

Another piece of trust in this type of partner work is doing your part. You cannot always guarantee your partner will be able to perform their role or will get their hand onto your foot at the exact right timing. You can have trust that God will keep you safe. But you still have to stay focused and do your part to your best ability to make it easy and possible for your partner to execute their part.


These were such great reminders of my potential to have that trust and surrender. After watching I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I can apply these principles to daily life and to my meditation practice!?”

To not think so much, but just follow my inner guidance and trust it,
To channel my energy into the creative process and overcoming human limitations,
And to do my part to the best of my ability, and trust the rest will happen as desired by the Divine.
Paramhansa Yogananda said the path to fully realizing God within ourselves takes 25% of our effort, 25% from the blessings of our Guru, and 50% from the grace of God. But we must put 100% of our effort into that 25% in order for the whole system to work.


Wouldn’t it be great if we can just relax into our role in life and let God take care of the rest?


For fun, here are a couple of my past partnering salsa dances:


To skip the MC's intro talk, start this video at 2 minutes:



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