The Little Bird Can Fly: A Short Story

bird divine fly god short story Mar 19, 2014

I was the mother. I heard my little chicks chirping, crying for food. The three of them sitting in the nest, high up in the tree. 

The ground was covered with the rich color of the brown pine needles. It was smooth and had lots of space between the trees. There was a sense of peace and beauty in this natural order so inviting you wanted to roll on the earth. Around us was the luscious green of so many leaves enriched by the nutrients of the sun. I knew the sky was not far away. I could see rays of sunlight between some of the branches reflecting off of the leaves.

My son cried to me. “I know the nest is a bit of a mess. I keep helping support it by breaking apart and adding the twigs that fall. The nest is strong, but I cannot fly. Please feed me. Please feed me. Won’t you support me? Please see my condition. I am doing my best to hold the nest together. Will you feed me?”

I looked at my child feeling bewildered by the request. I was glad the nest was strong...

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