Six Steps to Manifest Your Vision

Within the interviews with health and healing experts for my book Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds, one of the most common reasons for someone healing is because they focused on their vision for life.

Sometimes we get dissuaded by that vision because of others’ or our own disbelief in its potential success. Or maybe you feel you are not deserving or capable so the idea never even enters your mind. Now is your chance to imagine if anything were possible in six months, what would you want to see in your life? If you had all the resources, money, time, support, tools, knowledge, confidence…to make anything happen, what would it be?

One of the other challenges people have when focusing on their vision is being in a space of wanting verses having. When we want, it assumes we don’t have it and we can feel a state of lack. Wanting and having are mutually exclusive and cannot happen at the same time. If you create a habit of wanting, you are more likely to stay in that state. What I have done is created a process to help you feel like you are in a state of having while setting up and making your goals a physical reality. This will be accomplished by how we choose and describe our goals and by visualization experiences.

Sometimes we set goals while feeling like there is something wrong with ourselves and our life right now. I like to focus more on what drives me forward; what exciting new ventures can I add to my life? How do I accomplish the ideas coming to me?

There is a balance to success between pushing and allowing; between creating specific goals and letting a natural flow happen. This can also be described as a balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Often goal setting leans towards the masculine so I incorporated some feminine aspects into the process as well.

Preparation: To begin the process, have the following materials ready:
A new small notebook or journal
Colored pens
Magazines related to your interests

Step 1: Gratitude
Write down what you are grateful for that is already in your life. This will help you start this project in a state of having. Notice that when you fit the pieces together of the many things you already have, they may add up to what you want.

One of the ideas from my relationship coaches was for me to write down a list of forty qualities you want in a man (or woman depending on what you are looking for), at least twenty of the closest men (or women) in my life, and then which of those qualities each of those men embodies. Then you clearly see how what you want already exists in your life. You can apply this exercise to other areas of life as well.

Step 2: Choose categories
Choose the categories you would like to focus on to create a balanced life. Working on 3-5 areas of your life at once is a good amount where you won’t feel overwhelmed and will feel big progress. Give yourself at least four pages per category and label your book as such.
Examples are:
Your Personal Growth
Financial Abundance
Romantic Relationship
Social Life
New Business Ventures
To dive deeper into how to set up each of these categories, please use the youtube playlist linked below.

Step 3: Start Cutting
Have fun in the feminine artistic side of cutting words or images from magazines that relate to each of your goals. Be creative in how you glue them into your book. I made the first page of each set of goals be from magazine cut outs and created some drawings with my colored pens. Leave some white space on each page to leave room for more things to manifest in your life. Make sure what you put down is what you really want because you are likely to get it.

Step 4: Write Specific Measurable Goals
Choose one goal for each category and make it as measurable as possible with numbers that express quantity, frequency, dates… Make sure they are positive statements to help train the mind to focus only on what you want. Word them in the present or past tense even if they are for a date in the future. That will help you be more in a state of having if you imagine it is already done. Write that down on the second page for that category.

For example, “I sold one million copies of my book Healing Happens by December 31, 2019.” Remember the sky is the limit!

This book is more about setting your vision then creating your to do list. On a separate paper I have a list of 3-5 goals to accomplish this year, 3-5 actions to take in the next quarter to achieve those, 3-5 in the next month, and 3-5 in the next week. I like leaving the notebook only with the bigger picture goals so it stays clearer in the head and can breathe more.

Step 5: Visualization
On the third page for each category describe what your life will be like when that goal is accomplished. Write that in the present tense. Imagine what you would hear, say, think, feel, see, smell. Who would be with you? What type of place would you be at? This will help you create your visualization. I just heard spending five minutes a day visualizing what you want as if you already have it will guarantee your success in getting it. For guided visualizations, use the videos below.

Step 6: Reward Yourself
We want to set ourselves up to have the habit of success; to have the constant drive and motivation to achieve our goals. One of those ways is to celebrate reaching each goal to keep your energy high. Choose a reward you will give yourself that you do not normally give yourself for each goal.

Examples can be: If you want to lose weight, you can make your reward buying a nice outfit. If it is being financially free, go on a true vacation. If it is getting a certain size audience for your speaking engagements, fly first class.

Lastly have fun in the entire process! Choose goals you are really excited to incorporate into your life.


To help you break down each category and get exercises to internalize these goals into your reality, watch this playlist. 


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