After Death Comes Rebirth

I just had a numerology astrology tarot reading which happened to be on the death day in the death year of my chart. Two of the theme cards are the Judgement card and Death card. The Judgement card shows up when we reawaken what lays dormant and no longer serves us in order to release it. The Death card represents that which dies away and that which gets reborn.

Just as the cards say, I did lose a couple things in the past week that I really love. As I have been going through the experience of that loss, I have been dancing in the question, “What do I get to learn and what new things will come in?”

In the middle of dance on Monday, I became aware of something I was gripping onto like cat’s claws. After having a few experiences of giving something up only to get something better, I have developed more trust in the Divine's way. Immediately once I noticed that grip, I exclaimed inside my head, “I surrender God. I surrender! Take what no longer...

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