"Destroy Me!" Two Words to Conquer Conflict and Pain

Right before my recent travels I felt a conflict arise with someone I held very dearly. It pained me greatly to feel dissonance rather than love. No matter what I tried I could not figure out how to resolve the conflict nor alleviate the pain. Then I remembered two things: the words from the spiritual teacher Matt Kahn, “Destroy Me,” and a visualization I was guided into where I allowed someone to “destroy me” and felt a great relief in response.

I believe Matt’s intention was to encourage us to have the courage to face our challenges head on and trust that will lead us to a greater victory. Trust builds with experience. I was lucky to have had a visualization where I experienced the benefits of surrender when feeling disharmony.

Almost two years ago in the fall of 2014 I was taking the level 2 Meditation Teacher Training at The Expanding Light Retreat Center in Northern California, where I was living at the time. Our instructor asked us to...

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