Live Each Day Twice

living matrix Mar 04, 2014

The question often arises, how much control do we have over our destiny; what is predetermined, and what emotions or environmental reactions could we change?

I recently watched the documentary, The Living Matrix, a collection of scientific proof of what really heals a person. Research has determined that a healing treatment works when the person using it believes it will work. Bruce Lipton discovered there is no such thing as a hereditary disease. A child born of different DNA adopted into a family with a history of cancer will often adopt the characteristics of that family and get cancer. When you change the environment of DNA, the genetic code changes. Then they showed a study of when people react to different pictures of varying emotional qualities. They noticed the heart and then the brain start their reaction before the image was even displayed on the screen. Thus revealing a sense of intuition to what is predetermined to happen.

Or maybe we already know if a treatment will...

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