Which Side Has Won?

With the rise of terrors in the news and controversial politics, are you sometimes feeling challenged and asking how to stay positive and loving?

My favorite question from the Bhagavad Gita just came up again in the online study group, “Which side has won?” Looking at today’s politics, you may ask: Donald Trump? Isis? Gays? Women? People with skin color other than white? Police Officers? The 1% or the 99%? But the battle is not over yet!

In the Bhagavad Gita shortly after the battle of Kurukshetra began, the blind man asked, "Which side has won?" This seems to be an odd question considering the battle was not over yet. Normally at that point one would ask, "Which side is winning?"

The one who has the gift of introspection replied to the question with the actions related to the consciousness of the people fighting. The winners are the ones holding their consciousness in a high place. In the game of consciousness everyone could be a winner.

I have never had an...

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Three Tips to Help Cope with Terror in the News

I would like to admit something.  Yesterday I was in a training in Los Angeles on how to publish my upcoming books. As I was riding the beautiful marble elevator down to class in the morning, I heard the news about the shooting in Orlando. Last week there was the shooting in Tel Aviv close to the apartment my sister and her husband live in with their three little boys. It was on my mind all day.

I realized that I rarely, if ever, make a public statement about the terrors happening in this world. Of course I would like to request prayers for all those affected by these terrors and of course I would love for it to stop. I wish that there was never a situation where my sister felt she had to send a message to me that the family is alive even though shaken up.

Often when we speak of these things, people get reactive. It is natural to feel anger, fear, hate, sadness, disappointment and many other emotions. I don’t enjoy being around those emotions, and I do not like to do...

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