Which Side Has Won?

With the rise of terrors in the news and controversial politics, are you sometimes feeling challenged and asking how to stay positive and loving?

My favorite question from the Bhagavad Gita just came up again in the online study group, “Which side has won?” Looking at today’s politics, you may ask: Donald Trump? Isis? Gays? Women? People with skin color other than white? Police Officers? The 1% or the 99%? But the battle is not over yet!

In the Bhagavad Gita shortly after the battle of Kurukshetra began, the blind man asked, "Which side has won?" This seems to be an odd question considering the battle was not over yet. Normally at that point one would ask, "Which side is winning?"

The one who has the gift of introspection replied to the question with the actions related to the consciousness of the people fighting. The winners are the ones holding their consciousness in a high place. In the game of consciousness everyone could be a winner.

I have never had an interest in reading or watching the news. The conversations around me tend to tell me the major things happening. When it comes time for elections I pick one day close to voting time and do research so I can make an informed decision. I rarely enter into discussions about the news or politics. When people talk to me who know a lot about politics, they can never tell which party I am on. They tell me my opinions span amongst all the parties. I like to consider myself to be on the Neutral Party who prays for everyone.

Because of my cultural background, people do seem to want to share certain things with me. A couple years ago when the political tensions were high amidst that conversation I finally decided to do some research. I asked those who were on both sides of the situation to direct me to more about the history and articles representing both sides.

I was most fascinated when I was reading the same fact being portrayed as horrible by one side and philanthropic by the other side. It seemed many of the facts were emotionally swayed by perspective. I automatically defaulted back to the Neutral Party who prays for everyone to do the highest thing to serve all humanity in the best way possible. If I felt it was my mission to speak up about politics, then I would probably feel driven to stay well informed on all of the facts. I have been fortunate enough to travel to third world countries and see with my own eyes many of the challenges people face.

What I noticed while researching was there was a lot of negativity that could have brought my energy down. How could I be as strong a force to help others if I am caught in negativity?
I also felt all I was doing was gathering facts that I was not going to put to good use. I did not feel I was helping anyone while spending my time reading. That time could have been spent praying or taking action to bring more peace like leading a meditation, donating to those less privileged than myself, or educating those who have no school so there is less need for fighting to happen.

We can all play the game of consciousness whether directly involved in the battles going on in the world right now or not. Wherever we are the state that we hold our consciousness in affects others. If it looks on the outside like we are losing or winning, what the Bhagavad Gita implies is that how we feel inside is more important. How great will you feel if you won a battle through cruelty? How intelligently can you fight if your mind is blocked by emotions?

You can ask yourself:
Am I winning the game of consciousness?
What can I do right now to help myself and others feel better and improve our situation?

It is a tall order to feel happy when you know others are suffering. If your friend is stuck in a well are you going to jump in with him and both be stuck? Or are you going to stay where you are, drop down a ladder, and help him out?

To avoid getting caught up in someone else's pain and be of better service to them, two things that help me are:

1. Breathing in the center of my spine. It reminds me to create my reality from within.
2. Consciously thinking about projecting love from my heart rather than receiving someone else's pain.

May you and all of this world me blessed with constant love, light, and peace.


A guided meditation to help you feel peace within:


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