The Hidden Benefits of Having a President Like Trump

I mentioned in one of my Facebook live videos how I enjoyed hearing what people feel is positive about Trump when I recently found myself in a group of supporters. However, that is not what I am writing about.

Last night I was watching a TV/Movie series set around New Years 1970 in a news magazine office when women did not have the rights to have the same job as the men, have their name credited in the magazine, nor get the same salaries as men. One of the women came across a female African American lawyer who specialized in women’s rights. She had the desire to be a writer herself and the courage to bring other women into the cause. They had to sneak around and many did not feel comfortable telling their own husbands. They risked losing their job and having a hard time getting a new one. There was the risk of losing friends or partners, and even getting killed.

Also during that time period many people were sexually repressed. Women only wore skirts. People of dark colored...

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