The Hidden Benefits of Having a President Like Trump

I mentioned in one of my Facebook live videos how I enjoyed hearing what people feel is positive about Trump when I recently found myself in a group of supporters. However, that is not what I am writing about.

Last night I was watching a TV/Movie series set around New Years 1970 in a news magazine office when women did not have the rights to have the same job as the men, have their name credited in the magazine, nor get the same salaries as men. One of the women came across a female African American lawyer who specialized in women’s rights. She had the desire to be a writer herself and the courage to bring other women into the cause. They had to sneak around and many did not feel comfortable telling their own husbands. They risked losing their job and having a hard time getting a new one. There was the risk of losing friends or partners, and even getting killed.

Also during that time period many people were sexually repressed. Women only wore skirts. People of dark colored skin were even further from equality than where they are today. War vets had trouble getting jobs. Even if these challenges still exist today to some level, we have come a long way.

The way I look at life is not around what we see happening and the good or bad of it, but rather the big picture or reasons behind it all. We come here for experiences or to see a different perspective of Source than we can when not in a body. However, our awareness gets shaded by perceiving life only through the five senses. And so we travel on a voyage of looking for growth in our human lives and expanding our consciousness.

In 1970 many people were ready for the next level of change. They took bold steps and many risks to get there. In the 60’s we had the first man on the moon. And since then we have seen the Berlin wall come down, Reagan meeting with Gorbachev to try and end the Cold War, Saddam Hussein get captured, the first black U.S. president, gay marriages get legalized in U.S., and so on.

Those are the outward events but what are some of the deeper messages that could be perceived?
Definitions of people that we created in our minds were broken down to see more equality among all of us. That is what leads towards unconditional love.
That we can achieve the impossible.
Expand our awareness of what this world is like outside of planet earth.
That uniting in peace can make us even more powerful and makes us feel a lot better.
So long as it does not hurt anyone else, we should have the right to live our lives as we feel to.

Do you ever notice when you grew out of a habit or set of emotions that did not serve you? You think for a while it is completely gone and then a small piece of it shows up again like that last popcorn that pops after all the rest are done. While it may have seemed as if we conquered many challenges in the past, today those last few kernels of corn are popping while we get to more strongly stand in what we believe in.

On Sunday, January 29 I arrived in the Portland airport at the time the protest was happening against Muslim ban from some Muslim countries. The energy was so strong I had trouble fighting back my tears. That is the loudest support for Muslims that I have noticed in US. But this is not just about Muslims.

The protest can remind us to discern between who is a peaceful contributing member to this country and who is not on an individual level. America has been built completely by immigrants seeking a better way of life. I appreciate that we have been in a position to help others. We thrive when we have people coming here who want to thrive. The protest can help us tap into the potential for peace and equality where one day no borders will be needed.

If Trump repeals ObamaCare without a new plan, 18 million people can lose health insurance in the next year and over 43,000 people can die. I thought if that really happens what if with over 800,000 doctors in US, each doctor saw one patient for free? And what if we put together a fund for treatment of those who are at the most risk? I felt a sense of empowerment from not waiting around passively for the government to take care of us. I felt a sense of connection and comradery between people as we take care of each other more directly. And then I felt fascinated at what an interesting way we can grow from something that seems so terrible. For now, let’s see what Trump’s new plan is.

Teal Swan, the spiritual teacher, made a very interesting point in one of her videos. As a society we have been wanting a big growth. There are many ways to achieve it. Even though we may not be conscious of it, this is the path we chose. It is not a pretty one.

Whether or not we look at all the facts of what Trump says and does, what we make of it and how we respond to it is a reflection of the growth we crave.

How do you feel when you think about what is not going right? How do you feel when you think about the ways in which we can grow and how bright you want our future to be, and act on it? Which do you prefer? Whether you are looking at what is happening in your individual life, the United States, or this world, the choice is yours. What are you learning and how are you growing right now?

As I watch that TV program and see both the fear in the women to ask for equality and doubt it is ok to live life differently, I am delighted at how far we have come. And now I think about where we are and the growth that may come with delight and curiosity. At this moment it may seem impossible yet there will be a day we look back and can't believe we were once here.

After the election results I created a meditation on world peace and then four more on establishing your path to peace. You can access those through my online membership program here.

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