Absolutely Happy in Seven Days!

Try this for one week to help feel absolutely happy and then let us know how it went by clicking here. 

Day One: Joy is Your Natural State
Joy is our natural state yet it can be hard to access just like a beautiful stained glass window covered with dirt. One of the things that blocks us from joy is holding onto past trauma.
Paramhansa Yogananda says “Circumstances are neutral.” Much of our trauma actually comes from our definition of what happened and our response to that. Then we often hold onto a definition of our own selves and feel bad throughout our lives because of it.

As an example, I used to always hang onto a memory of a time when my father played with my brother and sister and not me. When I was three years old I could see them under the door playing the game Operation where you, as the doctor, have to take the bones out of the body without touching anything else and making the buzzer go off.

What I read from that was that my own father did not want to play...

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Seven Ways to Freely Give

There is a great freedom in being able to freely to give, to be present for others, and to feel safe and empowered while doing so. Here are seven tips on how to tap into that freedom.

1. No Resistance
At the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp that I attended about a month ago, a number of people asked me how I was so freely giving. It is hard to know how you are until you see something in comparison.

When I launched the gofundme campaign for my book Healing Happens, I didn’t realize some of my friends would want to look over the campaign before deciding if they would donate. For me in the past, if a friend asks for a donation, I always want to support them with at least $5 or $10 regardless of what they are asking for. I usually then ask God what the amount is I should give and then I give the number that comes into my head without question.

There are a couple lessons I have learned that have made me want to be more freely giving. The first is we are all trying to accomplish a...

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7 Steps to Boundless Energy!

A couple weeks ago at the beginning of April 2017 I attended a training program called Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. I have probably seen the most internal transformation out of that program from any I have taken. During the program we had the opportunity to get close with many participants. I was repeatedly asked how I was so energetic, happy, and freely giving during the program.

There was not much time to answer those questions during the program, but those questions were ringing in my head on my flight home. A few minutes into my traditional airplane sudoku puzzle, the words to answer those questions came flooding into my head. This blog post shares seven steps to feel boundless energy. Keep your eyes open for the next two on how to be absolutely happy and the freedom of freely giving.


1. Lighten Your Load: The less of our past we carry, the lighter we will feel in our body and spirit. Negative emotions build up as toxins in the body, infringing on its ability to...

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The Only Way Out is Up

I used to think Mercury Retrograde was just about communications and technological equipment failing so you could go inwards. This one has taught me something different.

Coming from living in the woods for six years, I am still adapting to the city noises of Portland, the construction outside, the trash compressor next door, or parties that happen on the other side of me. I feel as if I feel the energy of every person in each of these apartment buildings around me. I have been called the Princess and the Pea a couple of times and that completely applies to how I respond to every single noise I hear or energy I think I feel. It has to be totally silent for me to do deep thinking like writing my book.

Guess what has happened this entire Mercury Retrograde? Even more noise and commotion! For three weeks they have been painting the wall on my side of the building. You might think of painting as a relaxing activity with the brush smoothly flowing along the wall. Not on a big apartment...

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How to Have the Best Day of Your Life

Today is the best day of my life. I just returned home from a 6 day marketing seminar. On the first day the lead trainer asked us to commit to making each day the best day of our life. They even reminded us every day to help us check in. I loved this idea and was totally on board.

The first thing I noticed was I was still a little moody from challenges that happened before the training that were not even present there. I asked myself, "If today was really the best day of my life would I be dwelling in or even noticing any of these emotions?" The answer was "No." So I had to let them go.

The next thing I thought was, "If today is the best day of my life, this is not what I would choose to do. Being stuck in a room for long days without windows near LAX, on a regulated schedule trying to minimize the vast extent of what I am down to two perfect words is not my favorite thing to do. I would rather be on the beach, travel, dance, or spend time with my friends.”...

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