Seven Ways to Freely Give

There is a great freedom in being able to freely to give, to be present for others, and to feel safe and empowered while doing so. Here are seven tips on how to tap into that freedom.

1. No Resistance
At the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp that I attended about a month ago, a number of people asked me how I was so freely giving. It is hard to know how you are until you see something in comparison.

When I launched the gofundme campaign for my book Healing Happens, I didn’t realize some of my friends would want to look over the campaign before deciding if they would donate. For me in the past, if a friend asks for a donation, I always want to support them with at least $5 or $10 regardless of what they are asking for. I usually then ask God what the amount is I should give and then I give the number that comes into my head without question.

There are a couple lessons I have learned that have made me want to be more freely giving. The first is we are all trying to accomplish a mission or have a certain experience while on earth. That is what fills someone’s heart desire and I want to help them fulfill their heart desire. The more we listen when someone wants to share something and the more we give when someone asks, the more we help progress and movement happen in the entire world.

The reason why many people are homeless is because they do not value themselves enough. Begging is sometimes their last ditch effort to see if someone loves them. As we know many beggars use the money on things that may not be the essentials for life. Many homeless people feel so low they won’t even ask for anything. Once someone’s heart is satisfied enough, they will feel valued and won’t need to beg anymore. When we give them money, we are not feeding their alcohol or drug habit, we are feeding their need to feel nourished and loved.

Try This: For today if anyone asks you for anything at all, give at least a small amount without question or thought. Just give for only one day and see how that feels.

2. Balance and Heal the Masculine vs. Feminine
One way of looking at how to balance our energy so we have something to give is through the masculine and feminine. While I am relating the masculine and female to the anatomy of our bodies, we all hold different amounts of those energies in our body so this conversation does not have to be limited to your actual sex.

It is masculine energy to give as that matches the male anatomy of reaching outwards. The female anatomy receives or takes care of self. In order for the feminine energy to give, it needs to have enough masculine energy around it taking care of itself and then there is something to give.

You could draw someone with a lot of masculine energy into your life to take care of those needs, or at least the basics like food, water, and shelter. But also finish taking care of yourself. Heal the long time wounds that you have been letting sit in your energy field. Do things that fill yourself up with love.

Try This: Simply spend two minutes a day to put your hands on your heart and say, “I love you.”

3. No Risk
Often what we are afraid someone will take from us is the exact thing that will make us feel better if we let them steal it. You can read this blog post to read a story about that. Nobody can ever touch our soul and there is not a limited supply in this world of what we can offer. Thus the risks of giving and being taken advantage of for giving too much fall away.

Try This: Spend today with your eyes looking outward the entire day. Look for ways in which you can help others and do everything you possibly can all day. Make breakfast for someone. If the dishes are dirty at your work breakroom, clean them. If someone is carrying a heavy load, ask them if you can help. If someone looks stressed, ask them why and if there is anything you can do to help. Don’t force anyone to take your help. Just offer it and give if they ask. See why in tip #5.

4. Simplify
One of the ways we can have more choice as to how to freely give is by having less tugging on us. We can simplify our lives a lot more than we may realize. Simplify what goes on in your head by not getting stuck processing the past but rather staying present with what is in front of you and trusting you will get all the answers about the past that you need to proceed into the future. Get more help from others so you do not have to do everything. Cross things off your list that truly do not make an impact if not done.

Try This: Get the book The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss in print, ebook, or audiobook. Only read far enough until he offers the first piece of advice that you would like to follow up on. Take that action right away. Once complete return to the book and keep reading until you get to the next tip you would like to complete.

5. Lighten Your Load
While we give, we do not need to carry someone else’s load. That would weigh us down and wear us out minimizing the amount we can give.

Through the new online learning app I am involved with I watched an inspirational video that reminded me of the caterpillar’s story. A young boy was given a caterpillar in a cocoon and told not to help it at all. As soon as he saw it struggling to get out of the cocoon he felt bad for it and helped break open the cocoon. The butterfly that it became had never fully developed its wings, could not fly, and ended up dying. There is a reason why we are all going through what we are going through. It cannot be completed until we have learned all we needed to and grown all we need to.

In the trainings I have been helping with we are taught not to hand someone who is crying a tissue unless they ask for it. We let them know we have them and to raise their hand if they want it. If we offer that unsolicited help too soon it is like letting the caterpillar out of the cocoon too soon. Crying is a release and movement of energy. If we stop it before it is done, we do not allow that person to completely let it go.

Try This: Do not offer any help to anyone today unless they ask. You can let someone know of your skills that may help them but don’t do it for them unless they ask. Trust that the process they are going through will help them and trust they can handle this on their own. Still stay present so they know you are there if they need you.

6. Expand
Now that you have reduced risk and resistance, nourished yourself, healed, simplified life, and lightened your load, you can expand your capacity to give. As we grow stronger in who we are and our understanding of that, we can give more. For me that understanding is realizing that I am one with Spirit.

Try This: The Hong Sau meditation technique. Sit quietly with your spine long and legs relaxed. Close your eyes and gaze slightly upwards. Listen to the sound of your breath. It is similar to an ocean wave passing to shore and away. More specifically it is the sound of Hong while you inhale and Sau while you exhale. To accentuate the sound, silently repeat Hong while you inhale and Sau while you exhale. Continue for just 1-2 minutes. Hong Sau is the Sanskrit word for “I am Spirit.” As you practice this technique and recite those words, think about how you are one with all and limitless.

7. Be Received
The biggest reason I give more at certain times is because I am being received. You can’t have giving without receiving. It’s a mathematical equation.

Try This: Notice how others respond to you today. Interact the most with the people who receive you, who get excited when you interact with them or act thankful when you do something for them. Build the confidence of sharing yourself with them and you will see how much more you have inside of you to give.

Please let us know briefly how this impacted your life by clicking here so we can better serve you. For maximum results, repeat for 90 days.

If you would like to donate to the Healing Happens GoFundMe campaign and help people all over the world know of their healing potential, please click here.

To supplement this blog, I created these short videos on the freedom of freely giving: 



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