Is the Bhagavad Gita Timeless?

With over 23 million people watching Game of Thrones, it should not be a question if people would be interested in reading about outdated battle scenes or ways of living. Of course, the ancient scripture, Bhagavad Gita, is not meant for entertainment, but to find a match that awakens people to their highest possibilities in an entertaining way.

The Bhagavad Gita depicts the conversation between Krishna, who represents God, and Arjuna, the Pandava brother who represents the third chakra, the seat of will power. The five Pandava brothers, representing the first five chakras, and their 100 cousins, the Kauravas, who represent what are deemed to be negative qualities, battle each other for the throne of their kingdom.

Just before the battle begins Arjuna asks his charioteer, Krishna, to drive between the armies to get a good look at the scene. As if he is in the center of a spine with upward moving energy on one side and downward moving energy on the other side he slackens his bow and...

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Three Tips to Help Cope with Terror in the News

I would like to admit something.  Yesterday I was in a training in Los Angeles on how to publish my upcoming books. As I was riding the beautiful marble elevator down to class in the morning, I heard the news about the shooting in Orlando. Last week there was the shooting in Tel Aviv close to the apartment my sister and her husband live in with their three little boys. It was on my mind all day.

I realized that I rarely, if ever, make a public statement about the terrors happening in this world. Of course I would like to request prayers for all those affected by these terrors and of course I would love for it to stop. I wish that there was never a situation where my sister felt she had to send a message to me that the family is alive even though shaken up.

Often when we speak of these things, people get reactive. It is natural to feel anger, fear, hate, sadness, disappointment and many other emotions. I don’t enjoy being around those emotions, and I do not like to do...

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What Would Life Be Like If You Were Fully Aware?

For the past week the Bhagavad Gita in the New Age study group participants have been asking ourselves, “If I had a fully expanded awareness, how would it change this moment right now?”

Last week we were discussing the Tree of Life and how it is intended to help us understand the relationship between our physical world and what is beyond it.

I just finished reading the book Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. She was in a coma and nearly declared dead when she had what some would call a near death experience. In that state she felt a more expanded awareness. She felt connected and one with all beings and all objects. Negative emotions and conflicts did not exist and only unconditional love was felt. Definitions and judgements of how life should be disappeared. Ideologies can create too narrow a path to stay open to the realm of the infinite.

With Anita’s and the Bhagavad Gita’s lessons in mind, we started the exploration for our own selves. I have...

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"Destroy Me!" Two Words to Conquer Conflict and Pain

Right before my recent travels I felt a conflict arise with someone I held very dearly. It pained me greatly to feel dissonance rather than love. No matter what I tried I could not figure out how to resolve the conflict nor alleviate the pain. Then I remembered two things: the words from the spiritual teacher Matt Kahn, “Destroy Me,” and a visualization I was guided into where I allowed someone to “destroy me” and felt a great relief in response.

I believe Matt’s intention was to encourage us to have the courage to face our challenges head on and trust that will lead us to a greater victory. Trust builds with experience. I was lucky to have had a visualization where I experienced the benefits of surrender when feeling disharmony.

Almost two years ago in the fall of 2014 I was taking the level 2 Meditation Teacher Training at The Expanding Light Retreat Center in Northern California, where I was living at the time. Our instructor asked us to...

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The Only Way Out is Up

I used to think Mercury Retrograde was just about communications and technological equipment failing so you could go inwards. This one has taught me something different.

Coming from living in the woods for six years, I am still adapting to the city noises of Portland, the construction outside, the trash compressor next door, or parties that happen on the other side of me. I feel as if I feel the energy of every person in each of these apartment buildings around me. I have been called the Princess and the Pea a couple of times and that completely applies to how I respond to every single noise I hear or energy I think I feel. It has to be totally silent for me to do deep thinking like writing my book.

Guess what has happened this entire Mercury Retrograde? Even more noise and commotion! For three weeks they have been painting the wall on my side of the building. You might think of painting as a relaxing activity with the brush smoothly flowing along the wall. Not on a big apartment...

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How to Have the Best Day of Your Life

Today is the best day of my life. I just returned home from a 6 day marketing seminar. On the first day the lead trainer asked us to commit to making each day the best day of our life. They even reminded us every day to help us check in. I loved this idea and was totally on board.

The first thing I noticed was I was still a little moody from challenges that happened before the training that were not even present there. I asked myself, "If today was really the best day of my life would I be dwelling in or even noticing any of these emotions?" The answer was "No." So I had to let them go.

The next thing I thought was, "If today is the best day of my life, this is not what I would choose to do. Being stuck in a room for long days without windows near LAX, on a regulated schedule trying to minimize the vast extent of what I am down to two perfect words is not my favorite thing to do. I would rather be on the beach, travel, dance, or spend time with my friends.”...

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After Death Comes Rebirth

I just had a numerology astrology tarot reading which happened to be on the death day in the death year of my chart. Two of the theme cards are the Judgement card and Death card. The Judgement card shows up when we reawaken what lays dormant and no longer serves us in order to release it. The Death card represents that which dies away and that which gets reborn.

Just as the cards say, I did lose a couple things in the past week that I really love. As I have been going through the experience of that loss, I have been dancing in the question, “What do I get to learn and what new things will come in?”

In the middle of dance on Monday, I became aware of something I was gripping onto like cat’s claws. After having a few experiences of giving something up only to get something better, I have developed more trust in the Divine's way. Immediately once I noticed that grip, I exclaimed inside my head, “I surrender God. I surrender! Take what no longer...

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Love Is Our Natural State

I think most people can agree love is one of the most potent and desired experiences. I believe it is something that always exists and we can either tap into it or not regardless of the conditions of our life. Yet how well are we able to do so all the time? I want to share with you an experience I had of feeling another dimension of love from going through foot surgery a month ago.

Despite all of my experiences with natural healing, something intuitively in me felt to move forward with surgery to remove two ganglion cysts from my right foot. It is hard to know exactly why they develop. If I had to blame something, dancing in salsa shoes and pointe shoes would probably be the culprit. Although the painful bumps on my foot were teaching me a lot, when given the opportunity to get surgery for free, it felt like the right thing to do.

 It turned out to be a very blossoming experience in many ways. What had the biggest impact on me was the way I felt right after...

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The Heart's Harmonies

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2015

What lies inside that cannot speak?
What bleeds and cries the faintest shriek?
The good kind
Of pain you find.
Cannot be contained,
Destined for all to be stained
By a Love refusing boundaries;
Jumping bursting harmonies.
A Love that knows no other song
Than the one to unite all along.

Receive Me
How shall it feel received
Without the one receiving?
How shall it feel united
Without the one uniting?
The distortions of this plane;
A fog that hides our true vein.
Caught in a story
Forgetting God’s glory.
The higher soul is one.

One by one they appear before me
Strangers’ faces loving,
Loving as one.
Loving as if familiar,
Loving deeper than the depths.
The soulmate Love we yearn for
It’s there beyond the lore
In all hearts beyond this plane
In sight of our true essence.

Gaze your eyes upward,
Let power enter your crown,
Send that light out your heart,
Call forth all hearts core.
Look inside yourself and all,
There resides the infinite Love.

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The Dark Night of the Soul

dark depression soul spiritual Oct 26, 2015

My last blog post was about releasing pain and there is another piece I thought to address; the dark night of the soul. For many people this is a natural part of their spiritual progress, yet feared and under-addressed.

For a couple years I had been struggling with two conflicting voices inside. At the beginning of this year I lost something that I treasured and gave up something else I had once treasured in order to manifest the explosion of creative ideas I was having. With that open space and confusion, my emotional life took a turn for the worst. Months before I was thinking of doing a month long seclusion during that time. I got that seclusion, but not in the way I had imagined.

I had been so excited for so long to channel my creative energies in a new way. Instead I was met with absolute disbelief in myself and my abilities. Somehow I had forgotten all the many things I had learned and exceled at throughout my life. I felt like there was nothing I was good at nor...

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